Step 11: Export for Staging to UAT or Training



Depending on your organization’s process and setup, you may have two or more different vaults that you use during the course of your study. For example, you may have a development vault that you use for developing a design and performing user acceptance testing (UAT), and then another vault for study execution.

Once you have finished developing your study design in your development vault, you can export your study design as an XML file. You can then import that XML file into your UAT or training vault, bring over all of your design definitions, you study schedule, and other configuration.

When to Move from Development to UAT & Training

Once you have decided upon your study design, and that design is fully created and tested in your development vault, use Studio’s export and import functionality to migrate your study design (as an XML file) into your UAT or training environment.

You may iterate on your design a number of times before you migrate your design into UAT. Create new versions of your design in your design development vault to make changes.

Export from Development Vault

To export a Casebook Definition:

  1. In Studio, navigate to the Study for which you want to export the Casebook Definition.
  2. Optional: From the Actions menu, click to expand Casebook Versions and choose which version to export.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Export.

    Export action

  4. Select the checkboxes of the components you want to include in the export.

    Export Study dialog

  5. Optional: Enter a file name. By default, Vault names the file with the Study Name and export date.
  6. Optional: Select the Publish Version checkbox to publish your Casebook Definition upon export.
  7. Click Export. When the export is complete, Vault EDC will send you an email, including a link to download the ODM XML and a summary CSV file indicating any Item Definitions that Vault skipped exporting due to errors.