Using Deployment History

Vault records all deployment events related to a Study Master in the Deployment History page.

Deployment History for a Cholecap study

Accessing EDC Tools

To access the EDC Tools administration area, click the Tools tab in the primary navigation bar, and then click EDC Tools.

Access EDC Tools from the Tools Tab

By default, once you open EDC Tools, Vault displays a list of automated deployment Studies. You can use the Automatic and Manual radio buttons to switch between these listings. Select Manual to access your manual deployment Studies.

Select Automatic or Manual

For manual deployment Studies, click on the Study to open EDC Tools for that Study. For automatic deployment Studies, click on the Study to open the Deployments page. From here, you can click on an Environment to open EDC Tools for that study environment.

Once you’ve entered the EDC Tools area, select your Study if you have access to more than one Study. To return to the study list, click Back to Study Listing.

Accessing Deployment History

Once you’ve opened your Study Master, you can easily view the Deployment History for all of your environments from this listing.

To access Deployment History:

  1. Navigate to your Study Master in Tools > EDC Tools.
  2. From the Actions menu, select History. Deployment History action

  3. Vault opens the Deployment History. Click Back to Deployments to return to the Deployments page. Back to Deployments

Searching & Filtering

You can search for specific deployment events using the Search Bar. You can also filter the listing by Source, Destination, and Type using the drop-down filter menus.

Filter & Search in the Deployment History

Deployment Events

The following deployment events are tracked in the Deployment History:

  • Create Instance: Vault is creating a new Study Instance (environment). This event starts once you create a new environment of any type.
  • Delete Instance: Vault is deleting a new Study Instance (environment). This event starts once you delete an environment of any type.
  • Deploy: Vault is deploying your Study from the source environment to the target environment.

Deployment Logs & Output Files

For Deploy events, Vault generates two files: the output file and a log file. You can download these files by clicking the Download icon in the appropriate column of the Deployment History.

Download a deployment event's Log Files

These files expire after fifteen (15) days. Once these files expire, Vault continues to display the deployment event in the list, but you can no longer download the files.

Deployment Statuses

The following statuses apply for Deploy events:

Status Description
Pending A deployment administrator has initiated a deployment, but Vault has not yet begun the deployment job.
Exporting Vault is exporting the Study Package from the source environment.
Importing Vault is importing the Study Package into the destination environment.
Completed The deployment completed successfully. Download and view the deployment’s output File and Log file for details.
Failed The deployment failed. Download and view the Log file for details.