About the Task Bar

You can easily manage your tasks, forms, queries, and messages in the task bar. The task bar displays icons to indicate upcoming work and how close you are to a due date. Depending on your study role, the task bar displays some or all of the tasks described below.

Task Bar in its Initial, Collapsed State

The task bar categorizes tasks into the following:

  • Forms: Overdue forms and incomplete forms
  • Review: Forms that require signature
  • Queries: Open queries that are ready for you to respond to

Note that if you have access to more than one Study, you must select a Study from your Study listing page or the breadcrumb menu, and if you can access more than one Site, you must also select a Site, before Vault will display tasks in the task bar.

Task Icons

Each task has an icon to indicate its task type.

Icon Meaning
Indicates that a form is overdue.
In Progress Icon Indicates in progress, incomplete forms.
Indicates that a submitted form requires your eSignature.
Indicates that a form has open queries.
Indicates that a site's Closeout PDFs are available for review.

Task Details

You can expand the task bar to view more details about your tasks.

  1. Click the Arrow tab on the task bar. The task bar expands.
    Expanded Task Bar

  2. Click on a task type, for example, Overdue Forms. The task bar displays a list of all subjects with a task of that type. This view includes a task count for each subject.
  3. Click on a subject to view all tasks of the selected type for that subject.
    Subject Selection in the Expanded Task Bar

  4. Click on a task. Vault opens the area in which you can complete the task.
    Task List by Type in the Expanded Task Bar

  5. Click the Arrow tab again to collapse the task bar.

Depending on how many studies, sites, and subjects you have permission to view, Vault may automatically filter your task bar view. If any filters apply, Vault displays them in the task bar, once you select a task type. Note that you cannot remove auto-filters.