Data Entry

The help topics linked on this page discuss the Data Entry area of Vault EDC, including how to access Casebooks, enter data, and more.

Answering Queries

Once you have submitted a form, Vault, a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), or a Data Manager may open a query on a value. A query indicates that a value may...

Working with Casebooks

Vault EDC uses two objects to manage participants in a study: Subject and Casebook. A Subject record represents an individual subject participating in a Study. That subject’s Casebook object contains...

Data Entry Navigation

In 20R1, we introduced a new UI layout for the Data Entry tab. These enhancements make the Data Entry tab easier to navigate and provide a better user experience.

Entering Data

Vault EDC collects data through Forms. Forms are object records that group together Item object records. Each Item record represents an ‘answer,’ or a field and value on the Form.


Exporting to PDF

In Vault EDC, you can export your subject’s Casebook to a PDF to print, use as a reference, etc.

Using Listing Pages

Vault EDC uses three standard listing pages: Casebook, Site, and Study. All three listing pages are inside the Data Entry tab. Once you open the data entry area, which listing...

Providing an eSignature

You can sign and date in Vault using eSignature. Vault eSignature meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Working with Repeating & Common Forms

Repeating forms allow answers to the same set of questions to be captured multiple times. Common forms are forms not associated with a single event, instead spanning across all study...

About the Task Bar

You can easily manage your tasks, forms, queries, and messages in the task bar. The task bar displays icons to indicate upcoming work and how close you are to a...