System Tools

The help topics linked on this page discuss the System Tools configuration area.

About System Tools

You can perform various vault-level configurations from System Tools, as well as deploy those configurations to other vaults.

Role Management

The help topics linked from this page describe the standard Study Roles available in Vault CDMS and how to create and manage custom roles.

Creating Custom Change Reasons

You can specify customized options for any dialog that uses a Reason for Change. Each Change Reason represents a value in the Reason for Change...

Adding Custom Objects to the Deployment Whitelist

You can include custom Vault object configuration in your deployment. To do so, you must add the object to the deployment whitelist from System Tools...

Managing External Connections

In the current release, Vault Tools only supports the creation and management of Connections to the Absorb learning management system (Veeva Learning). The Connection object...

Deploying Vault-level Configuration in System Tools

You can deploy vault-level configuration from within System Tools, including custom Study Roles, custom Change Reasons, custom vault objects, reports, and dashboards.

Comparing Vaults

You can compare the vault-level configuration between two vaults from Tools > System Tools > Deployment. With this report, you can easily identify what changes...

Adding Study Roles, Reports & Dashboards to the Deployment Whitelist

You can include Reports, Dashboards, and user managed Groups in your vault deployments. To do so, you must add each item to the deployment whitelist...